A new company with 170 years of heritage...

Named after our most famous title, The Illustrated London News, ILN has a long, colourful history. This pioneering publication was the world’s first illustrated weekly newspaper. Launched in 1842 by Herbert Ingram, it closed in 2003 after an impressive 161 years and, as a result, ILN holds one of the richest magazine archives.

The entire run of The Illustrated London News has now been digitised, along with our seven other historic titles: The Graphic, The Sphere, The Sketch, The Bystander, The Tatler, The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News and Britannia and Eve. The archive is managed by Mary Evans Picture Library and boasts a rich seam of illustrations, engravings and photographs, demonstrating a long heritage of editorial excellence that continues to push the boundaries of both print and digital publishing.

The archive can be accessed by all of our clients.

For an at-a-glance guide to the major news events that have taken place during ILN’s lifetime, read our fascinating timeline.

Or why not find out more about our picture archive, which is managed by Mary Evans Picture Library. In 2010, the entire run of The Illustrated London News magazine archive was digitised and access is available by subscription.