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When overhauling the current site, we made good existing development work, ensured its ecommerce system was functional, supported the site reskin and built a coherent and highly demonstrable online strategy for this high-end online retailer of children's luxury clothing.


We created a process whereby site content reflects stock, realigns the ecommerce system, Magneto, and reworks the site architecture to make best use of the new design. In addition, an investigation of the site data, afforded us by our implementation of Google Analytics, highlighted that from both a search and social perspective, there were improvements to be made. Accordingly, as part of the site's re-architecture, an entire onsite SEO rework took place to ensure that the extensive content and multiple uploads adhered to a coherent keyword strategy. In conjunction with SEO, a series of actions were instigated to engage better with the brand's audience through the social web. Starting with a keyword-adherent blog, the brand's owner, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, had the opportunity to communicate directly with potential consumers.


The recent launch of the new Marie-Chantal website positively impacted the bottom line. However, of equal long-term importance was the careful optimisation of SEO key words and the creation of relevant engaging content through multiple channels.

What we delivered

Website design and build
Content planning and creation

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