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1 May 2018

by Andrew Hearn

ILN attends GDPR discussion panel

Having recently attended a session on General Data Protection Regulation, hosted by Pearlfinders and Rainmaker, it raised some interesting topics of debate around interpretation of GDPR law.

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30 Jan 2017

by Andrew Hearn

ILN CEO, Lisa Barnard, named Luxury Woman to Watch

ILN’s CEO Lisa Barnard has been chosen as one of Luxury Daily’s 'Luxury Women to Watch 2017', an initiative celebrating high-flying female executives working within the luxury sphere. Featured alongside other prolific individuals like Stephanie Pfeffer Anton (Executive VP, Luxury Portfolio International) and Fflur Roberts (Head of Luxury, Euromonitor), Lisa also gives an interview about her work at ILN, key insights into the industry and her predictions on how luxury will evolve in 2017.

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26 Jan 2017

by Andrew Small


For premium brands, when it comes to reaching high-net-worth individuals and new and relevant customers, traditional advertising isn’t always enough. That’s why we have seen the rise of the brand documentary, one that reaches its target audience by combining a compelling story with a sense of privileged access.

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4 Jan 2017

by Charlotte McManus

Illustrated London News Presents: Godiva’s Chocolate Notes

We are excited to introduce the next phrase in our ongoing partnership; Chocolate Notes, Godiva's new online magazine.

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6 Dec 2016

by Charlotte McManus

Aston Martin’s AM Magazine Goes Digital with ILN

We are proud to present the brand new digital platform for Aston Martin’s AM Magazine.

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19 Feb 2016

by Flora Drummond-Smith

When life gives you lemons

Don’t miss the latest issue of Belmond magazine to discover the best of luxury travel. With its striking lemon-yellow cover, this edition is packed full of citrusy punch, bursting with juicy travel tips and off-the-beaten-track locations.

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11 Dec 2015

by Flora Drummond-Smith

Shaken, not stirred: latest AM Magazine lands

The final issue of the year of Aston Martin's global customer lifestyle publication features an exclusive cover image of Daniel Craig and the DB10, shot by renowned photographer Rankin

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24 Nov 2015

by Hannah Scally

Making a splash at the 800th Lord Mayor’s Show

Illustrated London News made a proud contribution to the 800th anniversary of the Lord Mayor’s Show this year, creating a brand-new look and approach for the official Show Programme.

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14 Sep 2015

by Patrick Wingrove

A Record Publication for a Record Reign

Illustrated London News will mark the historic occasion of Her Majesty The Queen becoming the longest-reigning monarch in Britain's history with three exclusive publications.

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23 Jun 2015

by Alice Riley-Smith

Selling it softly: editorial commerce

The world of “e-tail” is changing. Luxury e-commerce consumers expect more from their online experience and editorial engagement is increasingly the answer.

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7 Jun 2015

by Brigitta Holmar

True colours: setting the tone

One of our designers Brigitta looks at the power of colour, and how it can be used in publishing to evoke certain feelings or moods.

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8 May 2015

by Patrick Wingrove

Etched in the past: ILN engraver Brian Williams

I recently met former Illustrated London News engraver Brian Clifford Williams at his home in the Essex town of Billericay. An extremely pleasant and cheerful man, he immediately welcomed me with a warm handshake and a cup of tea, and we soon sat down to talk about the fascinating experiences he had working for ILN.

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2 Apr 2015

by ILN

Sphere in the Spring

Hot off the press, the spring issue of Sphere has landed in the office

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24 Mar 2015

by Chris Hume

Floral tributes: Shoreditch shopping

I love flowers in my home – and if I can’t get them fresh, I make do with a bit of home decoration!

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13 Mar 2015

by ILN

The power of the dot

I can clearly remember the first time I noticed the impact a simple dot on a piece of paper could have.

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5 Mar 2015

by ILN

Generation Z: what does the future hold?

With technology changing at an ever-increasing rate, life is moving faster than ever – and no-one is better equipped to deal with it than the so-called Generation Z.

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25 Feb 2015

by David Allard

Digital advertising and the Cookie Monster

Once upon a time, advertising promotions could only be seen in the likes­­­­ of newspapers or magazines, on leaflets, posters, on the good old TV, on billboards, by word of mouth, heard on the radio or pasted on to a sandwich board and attached to an odd-looking person walking down the street.

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11 Feb 2015

by Marianne Sartori

Brand interaction: the challenges of social media

Over 3 billion people have created a vast social hub by sharing their thoughts, pictures, writing blogs and creating forums and communities online.

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19 Jan 2015

by Samantha Robinson

Free thinking: ways to add value

A pioneering force in publishing, The Illustrated London News launched in 1842 as the world’s first illustrated newspaper. It was an instant hit and by 1848, it was selling 80,000 copies a week. Its success was down to the innovative ideas of its publisher, Herbert Ingram.

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6 Jan 2015

by Nakul Singh

Digital Developments: 2014 and the year ahead

In 2014, we saw the fast-paced digital industry gather even more momentum with record levels of venture-capitalist funding in London and further consolidation, making the city the epicentre of European tech start-ups and innovation.

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11 Dec 2014

by William Roche

On the move: digital marketing

ILN was recently invited to speak at a Digital Marketing Masterclass for the Leisure and Travel industries. Hosted in the stylish Century club on Shaftesbury Avenue, the event was attended by, amongst others, Rocco Forte Hotels, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Natural History Museum and Virgin Atlantic.

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22 Oct 2014

by Roger Gallucci

Gone Phishing: online fraud

During this particularly busy time for online retail, brands are also striving to maintain their reputations, revenue and customers by safeguarding against counterfeit goods and fake websites. Consumers need to be wary, too.

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17 Oct 2014

by ILN

“Touching” history with The Illustrated London News’ original artwork collection

ILN hosted a viewing of the artworks from our archive to a handful of auctioneers. The archive is not as complete as it once was, but still includes illustrations and paintings by high-profile artists including Terence Cuneo, Bryan de Grineau, Fortunino Matania and Stephen Ward

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16 Oct 2014

by Vicky Stringer

Brand Bulletin

Early mornings are usually the quietest time of the day here and it’s when I will be outside checking on the tomatoes. This particular morning, I heard heavy breathing above – rather like the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit – and when I looked up, I saw two hot air balloons. Cue lots of waving!

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23 Sep 2014

by Hannah Scally

The Hovis Problem: New Thinking for Heritage Branding

Brands that have been around for a long time (and many that want us to think they have) have long recognised the value of the heritage story in customer engagement.

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16 Sep 2014

by Aurelia Havet

Think Glocal! Digital Media and Communities

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of the “digital nomad”, leading an independent lifestyle that combines a career with the freedom to travel and work anywhere in the world. Yet in opening up the world to us, the internet has also been seen as fostering a lack of social cohesion with us interacting remotely in our own digital bubbles.

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9 Sep 2014

by Bhawna Gharg

The Informed Shopper: End of the Impulse Buy?

Impulse shopping on the high street may be becoming a distant memory, as consumers increasingly take to the internet to research their purchases, before buying online.

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26 Aug 2014

by Patrick Wingrove

Past and Present: Brands and Archives

A few months ago, I was hired by Illustrated London News Ltd as a Historical Researcher.

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17 Jun 2014

by Casey Gillespie

When luxury is an experience

Luxury brands are increasingly using experiential marketing to promote their brands to their discerning and media savvy target audiences.

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11 Jun 2014

by ILN

The Luxury Experience: what’s the story?

Nowadays, when you can fill a shopping trolley with “luxury” chocolate, fabric softener, dessert and loo-roll, you do get a sense that, in terms of marketing, the l-word has reached its “masstige” limit. Increasingly, we seek the “authentic” as an alternative and this is where a brand can truly excel.

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28 May 2014

by Viktoria Borsi

The pain of paying

Recently, Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics at Duke University in the US, gave a great talk in London.

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28 Apr 2014

by Ian Johns

The new journalism: robotic or on brand?

Woody Allen recalled the day his father came home from work to say he had been replaced by a tiny device that could do everything he did. Next morning, his mother went out and bought one.

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17 Apr 2014

by Jane Washbourn

On the Fast Track with Aston Martin

As my alarm clock went off, I suddenly remembered it was no ordinary working day—ILN had invited a select group of clients to an Aston Martin driving day at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire… and the sun was shining!

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24 Mar 2014

by Louise Ailish

Digital Days and Interactive Print

Print products are converging with cutting-edge digital technologies in a holistic approach that harnesses the benefits of both screen-based and print technologies.

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11 Mar 2014

by Andrew Small

ILN’s unique World War 1 archive – Advertising on the Home Front

The Illustrated London News archives are a treasure trove of journalistic, photographic and illustrative material covering World War 1.

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21 May 2013

by Andy Tongue

AM magazine making headlines

ILN’s work was recently showcased by influential New York-based website Luxury Daily (, with a detailed and complimentary profile of the new-look Aston Martin magazine.

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20 Oct 2011

by ILN

The plane truth about engagement

Where better to revive the glamour of air travel than in Cannes?

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